$19.95 A/C Refresh Got Air? No Sweat! Let Driver's Auto Repair make sure your A/C is running in tip-top shape with our 5 step process:
• Test and record vent temperature
• Inspect components for visible leaks
• Gauge and record freon pressures
• Check hose fittings & compressor
• Run performance test

***Service includes aforementioned 5 step process. Any additional parts/or labor as well as freon is extra. Cannot combine with any other offer.
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$29.95 Oil Change 3 Great Services for one Spectacular Price! Oil change includes up to 5 qts of 10w30 motor oil and new oil filter. Shop supplies & taxes extra. Most cars/light trucks. Some vehicles extra. Cannot combine with any other offer. ... [more...]

Brake Repair Service

Have you had one of those terrifying moments where your brakes suddenly became the most important part of your vehicle? Whether it was a dog darting in front of your car, someone running a red light, or a wet patch on the road, the team here at Driver's Auto Repair are ready to help you keep your car's brakes operating perfectly. Our team has earned the trust of many car owners, and we will continue to earn trust thanks to our honest and open service.

No one can anticipate every eventuality on the roads of Houston. There are so many surprises around every corner, and you need brakes that can deal with these surprises. The brake repair team here at Driver's Auto Repair wants you to read over these warning signs of possible brake problem symptoms so that you’re informed of what to watch out for:

  • a brake pedal that goes soft or mushy
  • when your brake pedal feels lower
  • increased effort to brake
  • the brake light warning coming on and staying on
  • any squealing or grinding noise while braking

Noticing any of these common brake problem signs is your indication that it is time to have your car looked at. Don’t wait until they get worse as you never know what is around the next corner in Houston. Our expert brake repair team are ready to give you the honest appraisal that you need to make an informed decision.